i hung out with justine yesterday. she's a work friend, but she's ending up being a not just work friend. she's ultra cool. we had an early morning breakfast at becky's with all of the old folks, and i converted her to the eggs over easy, yolks soaked into the bread, all chopped up together thing i do with my breakfast thing. it's the only way to eat. some day i'll take a picture of it, because it's really hard to explain. her cat had kittens, and they're almost ready to leave the momma, and i might steal one, so we were going to go visit, but it was her mom's day off, so she wasn't feeling up to morning visitors, which was cool. change of plans. we started driving toward my house to chill with my little fuzzy man. her mom calls her back five minutes later, having changed her mind, and says, "just warn jj that i'm in my pajamas." i cracked up, it was such a my mom thing to have said. we stopped at the whole foods, so i could grab momma some cheer up! flowers (because she had never met me, and she was still letting me come over on her day off!), and off we went to hang out with the baby kitties.

so justine's mom is awesome, and the four little baby kitties are insanely cute. the momma cat is this beautiful slender tortoiseshell, and she's got this pointy speckled badger face, only gorgeous, and one of the kittens looks just like her. then there's a little striped orange boycat (like sarge!), and fuzzy little black girl, and a little short haired stripey girl who looks like a white bengal tiger. i'm probably taking the tiger, because she fell asleep in my arms. her name is palahniuk, right now, i'm not sure if i'm going to change it. i might not, but then, i have a few others in the back of my head for her.

Should jj get another kitten?

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included in my lunch for today are the following:
tater tots
frozen grapes
boca fake chicken sandwich with melty cheese, ketchup, and mustard

i am so all american summer day.

in other news, it's wicked hot, so my hawk is all floppy. lame.


hey, folks.
i'm not here. i mean, i haven't really been here at all, i've been M.I.A. for awhile, but now i'm actually going somewhere. montreal fringe festival, here i come! from june 7th (tomorrow!) until the 18th, i will be performing with my dance company at the fringe. if you're in the area, come fringing! score. if anything wicked crazy happens on lj (fic communities start getting deleted, for instance, not that that would ever happen....) comment here and let me know, because lord knows i'm not going to read through forty pages of backlog when i come back. score. thanks. i'll miss you all, and stuff.

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